Corvette Rear End Fix

“I’m your back door man…..” Willie Dixon, 1961  The Corvette cockpit is aerodynamic. Like GasPods it is bulbous at the front and sides, then tapers, accelerating air flow as it tapers to the center rear. But that corvette back end, that is what attracts everyone’s eye. That rear end is also what makes a Corvette […]

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GasPods vs. Spoilers

M.D. of Santa Paula, California, commutes for work, traveling 120 miles a day, 5 days a week. Like all long distance commuters, he does what he can to fight the effect rising gas prices have on his life. First, he bought a honey of a fuel efficient vehicle – 2012 Honda Fit. He changed out […]

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be a trim tab

Be A Trim Tab – Affect the World

By Bob Evans, Director of Development PLAYBOY: “Isn’t it part of that packaging a sense of the individual’s impotence to affect events, to improve or even influence our own welfare, let alone that of society?” Happy New Year! It is going to be great! The Captain of an ocean going vessel to which we installed […]

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Whales Inspire GasPod Design

Amethyst Tan Delta Extra Force Fin, with Vortex Generators on Underside and Trailing Edge Contours inspired by whale tubercles. Part of the collections of the Costume Institute of the New York Metropolitan Museum of Art, circa 1997 Holy Moly GasPods WorkBy Bob EvansI have dedicated my life to making products that help people move freely […]

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VW Golf TDI Case Study 4 mpg more Proof in the Pudding

Achieving mileage of over 50 mpg for the first time is consistent with results reported by other Test Team Members driving similar cars. Ever wonder what the statement, “The proof in the pudding,” means.  An odd statement, since pudding is no longer on the menu of most, let alone the best of restaurants. What “The proof […]

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How to Prove GasPods Work to Save Fuel

“Plato’s allegory of the cave is as relevant today as it was 2,500 years ago. It is the challenge of the freed prisoner, the Bodhisattva, the enlightened one, who has seen the truth to share it with his brethren. Those who have remained sitting before the shadows, driving the path given to them, are unaware of how […]

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Wind Tunnel Test, Black Holes and GasPods

People have asked, “Why don’t you rent time at Moffett Field and conduct a good old fashioned fill that room up with speedy smoke wind tunnel test, like we might see from NASA, Boeing or Volkswagen?” The answer is, we have, using computational fluid dynamic analysis (CFD). View Research Summary This modern day measurement technique […]

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Toyota Matrix Saves Fuel

Toyota Matrix Case Study

The hatchback is one of the most popular car body styles today. It combines the efficiency of compact car body design with convenient storage space. Visualize yourself as 1″ tall, the same size as a GasPod, standing at the edge of the hatchback rear roof line. The hatchback rear end drops off like a cliff. […]

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Commercial Fleet Case Study – 2012 Ford Transit Connect

GasPods were installed on 3 different model of delivery vans operating daily as part of the concierge service offered by Santa Barbara celebrity dry cleaner, Ablitt’s Fine Cleaners. Their drivers were given the GasPod Test Team mileage log form. They were instructed to track mileage by entering the odometer reading, gallons of gas required to […]

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