Toyota Prius Made Better

Toyota Prius – 11% Better Fuel Economy

Where to place GasPods to better fuel economy on aerodynamically designed vehicles, like the Toyota Prius? Vehicles that are shaped like an aerodynamic pod. Vehicles that are GasPods. With a kit of 9 GasPods placed across the rear spoiler of his 2006 Toyota Prius, Test Team Member A.N. picked up an extra 4 mpg, averaging […]

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GasPods made in usa

Why GasPods Are Made in The U.S.A.

GasPods are made in the U.S.A. I wish I could say this was a political decision. I am well traveled. I sincerely believe that the U.S.A. in which I grew up is the very best place on Earth. The decision is financial. Notwithstanding soundbites to the contrary, there are thousands of quality injection factories in […]

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GasPod Fuel Savings Verified by Independent Field Testers

The plethora of fuel savings devices that do not work challenges legitimate products to prove their worth. AeroHance offers the science verifying its claim that making one’s vehicle more aerodynamic, by strategically adding GasPods, saves fuel. AeroHance retained the services of the largest engineering services group to conduct computational fluid dynamic studies (simulated wind tunnel […]

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