Businesses Collaborate Save Fuel from Malibu to Big Sur

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Santa Barbara, California:

The AeroHance GasPod Project and The Berry Man collaborate to show how the simple act of placing GasPods on their fleet vehicles saves fuel.

What ABC News Has To Say About GasPods!

The Berry Man is the premiere distributor of fresh produce for the California central coast. In concert with awarding The Berry Man as one of its fastest growing companies, a 2012 Pacific Business Times Article characterized The Berry Man as follows:

“Most South Coast residents are familiar with the bright Blue Berry Man trucks driving around town, but few know that the business was started by French transplant Guy de Mangeon, who started selling strawberries to restaurants out of the back of his pickup truck. Today, the company is a thriving business that last year boasted sales of $29.6 million, a 15.8 percent increase in three years.”
And, now you’ll be seeing GasPods on its fleet of 2013 KIA Soul driven by its sales and customer service staff.

GasPods are an after-market auto accessory designed to enhance the air flowing around a vehicle, reducing drag, which increases fuel efficiency. They are the invention and brain child of Santa Barbara entrepreneur, Bob Evans, who has a unique vision for how objects and fluids interact, and holds more than 30 patents related thereto.

Together with his wife, Susanne Chess, recipient of the 2013 Spirit of Entrepreneurship Award (Retail, Wholesale, Manufacturing) they have launched AeroHance, Inc. to offer products that empower individuals to reduce their carbon footprint in simple ways. GasPods are the first in a pipeline of such products.

For produce delivery services whose business depends upon driving about and between produce supplier and the restaurants in which we eat, a small savings in fuel can go directly to the bottom line of their company profit and loss statement. It can also mean a significant contribution toward reducing their carbon footprint.

Intra-city, and for the Berry Man who services fine restaurants from Malibu to Big Sur, California, making them an Inter-City delivery service are integral to every community, whether for food and beverage, healthcare, even the newspaper depends upon these necessary transportation services.

As represented by the Clinton Global Fleet Initiative to reduce commercial fleet GHG emissions by 20% ( business transportation is of particular interest with respect to programs designed to reduce our carbon footprint. According to the Rocky Mountain Institute (, commercial fleets account for only 7% of the vehicle inventory of the United States. Their fuel consumption is 35%.

berryman_kia_0573The KIA Soul is one of the most popular vehicles driven by U.S. commercial and governmental fleets. It is designed with and marketed as having an organic, sporty look (like a boar wearing a back pack). It might sound odd to equate the word organic with a passenger vehicle, but that is what brand marketing is about.

The KIA Soul is a prime example of the style of car targeted by the automotive industry to sell to drivers that care about such things as sustainable agricultural crop yields and buying local, drivers to which the word organic appeal. The type of values epitomized by the premiere distributor of fresh for the California Central Coast – The Berry Man.

For every gallon of gas saved, 19.4 lbs. of CO2 are prevented from entering the atmosphere and 97 gallons of water are saved for other purposes, such as growing succulent fruit and exquisite vegetables for The Berry Man to deliver to our favorite California restaurants.

The Berry Man offered 4 of its passenger vehicles, 2 2013 Kia Soul and 2 PT Cruiser for GasPodding. Their drivers were instructed to log mileage using AeroHance’s mileage tracking form. After just 2 weeks of driving, Berry Man Test Team Member 1 had logged 1720 miles of driving!

The GasPods were then removed, which is easy to do when you opt to purchase GasPods that attach magnetically. The driver was instructed to continue logging mileage. During the next 2 weeks, he logged 1800 miles of driving!

A Fuel Economy Improvement of 8%!

Without GasPods on his 2013 KIA Soul, Berry Man 1 averaged 25.7 miles per gallon. With GasPods mileage averaged 27.75 mpg, in mixed city and highway driving. That’s an 8% improvement, or an extra 2 mpg. During the 2 week term of the test, The Berry Man saved $17.96, prevented 96 lbs of CO2 from entering the atmosphere, and saved 481 gallons of water for other purposes. >>View Data Here

Calculate these averages over its fleet of 16 passenger vehicles, and in the first year the Berry Man has the potential of saving over $7,400, preventing close to 40,000 lbs of CO2 from entering the atmosphere, and saving 30,000 gallons of water for use by its local client farmers, instead of for the oil production process, all for a cost of less than $600.

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