Corvette Rear End Fix


GasPods can be installed magnetically, or with 3-M automotive adhesive tape. The adhesive version is necessary for attachment to the lightweight composite Corvette body.

“I’m your back door man…..” Willie Dixon, 1961 

The Corvette cockpit is aerodynamic. Like GasPods it is bulbous at the front and sides, then tapers, accelerating air flow as it tapers to the center rear. But that corvette back end, that is what attracts everyone’s eye. That rear end is also what makes a Corvette desirable for performance enhancement by adding a kit of GasPods.

And… the drum rolls… “I’m your back door man….

On a drive from Phoenix, Arizona to Los Angeles, California, this 2006 Corvette clocked 26.3 mpg. Results coming back from Los Angeles, California to Phoenix, Arizona, with super cool GasPods attached, were 28.2 mpg for a…

7.2% increase in fuel efficiency.

Instead of spinning the air traveling along the pod-like roof line off the top of that big beautiful rear end, GasPods grabbed the air and funneled it into the low pressure vacuum trailing behind. They also increased the back end aspect ratio in a new and unique manner.

If your car has a rear end asking for efficiency enhancement, like this beautiful 2006 Corvette, then GasPods are…. your back end fix.

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