Commercial Fleet Case Study – 2012 Ford Transit Connect

GasPods were installed on 3 different model of delivery vans operating daily as part of the concierge service offered by Santa Barbara celebrity dry cleaner, Ablitt’s Fine Cleaners.

Their drivers were given the GasPod Test Team mileage log form. They were instructed to track mileage by entering the odometer reading, gallons of gas required to fill the tank, its cost, and whether their driving was primarily in the city, on the freeway or mixed.

After driving over 2,000 miles, they turned in their completed mileage form. The GasPods were removed from the vans. The commercial fleet drivers were given a new form on which they continued to track mileage in the same manner for another 2,000 miles. Now, without any GasPods on their vehicle.

We let out a big “Woo Hoo,” as this driver’s logs showed a 6.27% reduction in fuel consumption driving with GasPods as compared to driving without.


2012 Ford Transit Connect reports 1.31 mpg fuel savings, reducing the carbon footprint of the commercial fleet within which it operates by more than 18 lbs per tank of gas

The 2012 Ford Transit Connect was the last to complete its test. We anxiously waited to see the results. We were wondering whether they would hold true to that received from other commercial fleet drivers.
That represents a reduction in the carbon footprint of the fleet during the term of the test of 126 lbs. They also saved an average $4.08 per fill up, or close to an extra gallon of gas with each trip to the gas station. View Results >>

We are gathering data from commercial fleets interested in aggregating documentation supporting how well GasPods are saving fuel, saving money, and reducing the impact that their fleet of drivers has on the environment. We ask that your drivers, fleet managers or maintenance crew, who ever fuels the commercial vans or passenger vehicles, be willing to accurately log odometer readings at that same time. And, that you are willing to share the results with us, publicly or privately, whichever you choose.

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