GasPod Fuel Savings Verified by Independent Field Testers

The plethora of fuel savings devices that do not work challenges legitimate products to prove their worth. AeroHance offers the science verifying its claim that making one’s vehicle more aerodynamic, by strategically adding GasPods, saves fuel.

AeroHance retained the services of the largest engineering services group to conduct computational fluid dynamic studies (simulated wind tunnel tests) documenting the effect of placing a kit of GasPods on a Volkswagen Golf. This car was chosen because it is among the world’s most popular car models, with nearly 30 million built. The “TDI” (diesel) is also highly rated for fuel efficiency, raising the savings bar to contemporary standards. These studies showed a 5.2%-6.7% reduction in the car’s drag coefficient.

To make the link to real world fuel savings, AeroHance then invited its clients, previously unknown to AeroHance, to participate as Test Team Members to supplement and verify the computational studies. They were asked to log their fuel purchases over a minimum of 4,000 miles of driving, 2,000 baseline, without GasPods, then 2,000 with GasPods strategically placed on their vehicles. Participants from around the World, driving a broad spectrum of vehicle types responded.

The first Volkswagen Golf TDI driver just filed his reports. G.P., Beacon, NY, increased the fuel efficiency of his 2012 Volkswagen Golf TDI by 5.92%, and comments, “I was skeptical at first when my boss, after hearing that I bought a fuel efficient car, sent me a link to the site and stated that maybe I could save even more fuel. I sort of laughed it off but then when I started reading about it and researched turbulators in general I decided to give them a try. I have to admit I was impressed. After purchasing my car I was attempting to break the 50-MPG average consumption threshold for the full tank and I was coming up shy. You can imagine how ecstatic I was when I easily broke that threshold after mounting the GasPods. The important point here is that I was already trying to get the best fuel economy I could before I even heard of GasPods, then after ordering a set and mounting them to my car I actually experienced further improvement. So to me this validates 100% that GasPods made the difference and not modified driving habits.” Thank you, GP for being the first Volkswagen Golf participant to verify AeroHance’s computational studies.

Per Tank Savings With GasPods


$$$ Savings

Extra Miles Driven

Carbon Footprint Reduction

Percentage Savings

2009 Toyota Yaris - Long Distance Commuter
Toyota Saves Fuel

$4.83 Saved

43 More Miles

16.4 lbs Less

11.8% Better Mileage

1990 Honda Accord - Freeway Commuter

$3.89 Saved

30 More Miles

19 lbs Less

6.19% Better Mileage

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