GasPods vs. Spoilers

M.D. of Santa Paula, California, commutes for work, traveling 120 miles a day, 5 days a week. Like all long distance commuters, he does what he can to fight the effect rising gas prices have on his life.

First, he bought a honey of a fuel efficient vehicle - 2012 Honda Fit. He changed out his 16" tires with 17" wheels. He monitors his tire pressure, monthly. He added a kit of GasPods seated in a line with his antennae.

GasPods act as an airfoil. Their bulbous front grabs more air, which is then accelerated toward their trailing tip.

Spoilers do just that, spoil the air, or create drag. Drag translates into higher fuel consumption. By placing the GasPods a few inches before the factory installed spoiler on his Honda Fit, M.D. was channeling more air over the Spoiler, amplifying its drag inducing effect. Fuel consumption increased by 2 mpg.

M.D. noticed that his neighbor's aftermarket wing, had features, not quite the same, but similar to GasPods molded onto it. Also like GasPods, these are added to increase the lift, or reduce the drag induced by the spoiler. MD decided to move his GasPods onto the spoiler to see what would happen.


Fuel consumption dropped by 4 mpg.M.D. is driving an extra 20 miles with every tank full. And, M.D. likes the way GasPods look on his Spoiler too!

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