Installing GasPods is Easy!

GasPods Are Easy to Install

GasPods are easily self-installed onto any vehicle. Simply place 4-5 inches apart, across the rear roof or trunk line. Anyone can do it!

For most - hatchbacks, station wagon, SUV, vans and other blunt back vehicles - GasPods extend the stream wise flow of air further behind a vehicle. We have found that optimal placement 7-10" before the rear roof or trunk line of the vehicle.


Newer hatchbacks have a rounded rear that extends further back than the roof line, GasPods can be placed further back, within 1-2" of the rear edge of the roof line. In effect, placing them 7"-10" in front of the trailing edge of the bulbous rear.

If your vehicle has a spoiler, optimum placement may be further back, on the spoiler itself.

The bulbous shape is placed facing the front, the pointed end should face toward the back.

Available With 2 Methods of Attachment

1. GasPods Attach Magnetically

A distinguishing characteristic of the magnetically attached version is that they can also be detached without damage to paint. Hiding beneath the paint protecting gripping pad are 2 rare earth magnets, rated to hold GasPods in place, even against the impact of a 150 mph collision.

A cushioned, gripping surface pad protects your car’s paint from scratching.

2. GasPods Attach Using Automotive Adhesive Tape

Non-magnetic surfaces, such as fiberglass, stainless steel, polyurethane, or plastic, require use of GasPods that are attached using peel-and-stick adhesive.

Installation Instructions

Step 1: Clean the surface of the vehicle where GasPods are installed.

Dirt and dust can limit how well GasPods stay in place.

Step 2: Check Base Pad or Tape is Fully Adhered to the GasPod

Make sure the gripping pad or adhesive tape is securely affixed to, not peeling away from the bottom of the GasPod.

Step 3: Center the First GasPod on the Roof or Trunk

Place the first GasPod at the center point between the right and left side of the vehicle.

Step 4: Place a 2nd and 3rd GasPod on the right and left side edge of the roof or trunk.

Step 4: Place a 2nd and 3rd GasPod on the right and left side edge of the roof or trunk.

Important! Carefully Open Hatch Cover or Trunk to Confirm GasPods Placed Clear of Operation

Carefully open to confirm that GasPods are placed so as to allow full range of movement of doors, windows, hatch covers or lift gates. If they collide, simply move GasPods outside range of operation. Failure to do so could result in breaking the GasPod or damage to your vehicle.

Step 6: Install Remaining GasPods Equidistantly Between the Center and Right and Left GasPods

Place 3 GasPods between the center GasPod and the right edge GasPod, and remaining 3 between the center GasPod and the left edge GasPod. All should be equidistant from one another, which for most vehicles is between 4″ and 5″ apart.

Vehicle width is fairly standardized, and a kit of 9 GasPods is ideal for most. Wider vans may need 11-13 GasPods.

With GasPods Magnetically Attached - You are Finished and Ready for a Road Trip.

For GasPods With Adhesive Tape Continue With Installation Instructions Below

Step 7: Mark GasPod Placement

Mark placement of the GasPods where they are placed on your vehicle with wax pencil, or wedge cut from a bar of soap. Both will wipe clean from paint surface after installation.

Step 8: Remove Adhesive Covering off GasPods

Peel off the adhesive covering to expose the sticky surface used for adhesion of the GasPods to your vehicle.

Step 9: Carefully Place GasPods where Marked

One by one, place each GasPod where you had marked with the wax pencil or soap. Make sure to push down firmly to secure in place.

Ready for a Road Trip!

AeroHance GasPods Project Test Team Members ready to save fuel on Honda Fit. GasPods had to be moved further back on the spoiler, after which this Test Team Member picked up an extra mpg!