Test Team

11% fuel savings for long distance commuter

7% fuel savings on road trip

2 extra mpg average

Extra Mile Per Gallon

Be a part of history! Members of our AeroHance GasPods Project share mileage records and photos with us privately or publicly online. These cumulative records help us by providing real world mileage effects of adding GasPods to different vehicles, and for different drivers and driving conditions. We use them to determine mileage savings expectations, and how much our clients are saving in terms of fuel, money and in reducing the impact their driving is having on the environment.

Participation is not necessary to purchase GasPods, but we love it when you do!

Why Join the AeroHance GasPods Project Team

AeroHance GasPods Project Test Team Members enjoy a 40% discount off the price of initial purchase of GasPods, 20% at time of purchase, and a 20% rebate is given with submission of comparative with GasPods mileage. And, participation helps us in quantifying how well GasPods work on different car bodies, and under different driving conditions.

Step 1: Submit Baseline (Without GasPods) Mileage

Simply register by submitting your contact information (which we will not share), and the year, make and model of your vehicle.

Also, we ask for a baseline gas mileage – not from just one trip, but over time, distance and throughout your real world driving conditions. We ask our GasPod Test Team members to track gas mileage over at least 2,000 miles of driving in the vehicle to which they plan to add GasPods. We realize this takes time. It is, however, necessary to control for variable driving conditions, and for any change in your driving behavior because of your excitement in trying GasPods!

We accept mileage in pdf, excel or jpg format. All we ask is that it is legible. You can download our mileage tracking form:

Or you can write the same information on your gas receipts, or submit from tracking within your favorite application.

Helpful Hints for Tracking Mileage:

1. Record your car’s total mileage from its odometer each and every time you visit the gas station
2. Since your last trip to the gas station, was your driving mostly in the city "C", on the highway “H”, or a mix “M” of both?
3. Record the gallons purchased, and if this is a partial or fills the tank to capacity.

Your first and final baseline trip, after you reach 2,000 miles, must be to the top.
For consistent reading, please fill tank until pump automatically clicks off. Do not top off.

Here is an example of the mileage clearly recorded on a tracking form

Once you have logged a minimum 2,000 miles of odometer mileage and the gallons of fuel purchased, you are ready to register as a Test Team Member.

Step 2: Purchase GasPods at 20% Off

Submit your baseline mileage (without GasPods) - 2000 miles of odometer mileage and fuel fill up logs. We'll then send you a coupon redeemable for 20% off your purchase of GasPods here.

Step 3: Log Mileage with GasPods Installed

GasPods now installed on your vehicle, continue to track mileage for another 2,000 miles of driving. Submit your with GasPods mileage, We'll tally up savings for you, add it to the mileage we have received from other Test Team Members.

Receive a 20% Rebate For a Total Discount of 40%