See GasPods in Action!

With videos from our Wind Tunnel testing and the real life GasPod Test Team member stories, you can see how these streamlined fuel savings device improve aerodynamic efficiency of vehicles. Saving gas, money, water and the ultimately our world!

Wind Tunnel Visualization – Without GasPods

Wind Tunnel Test Without GasPods

Wind Tunnel Testing is an analysis tool to predict physical fluid flow and heat transfer using computational methods. Without GasPods, you can see that the air flowing behind the vehicle is very turbulent, which is the cause of drag.

Wind Tunnel Visualization – With GasPods

Wind Tunnel Test With GasPods

With GasPods installed, you can see how airflow is funneled in this wind tunnel testing video with the smooth lines curling behind the vehicle. Compared to the video without GasPods above, it shows how drag is significantly reduced behind the vehicle.

Jean-Michel Cousteau is Atmospheric

Jean Michel Cousteau is Atmospheric

Jean-Michel Cousteau installed GasPods on his automobile and realized better mileage. More miles per gallon, burning less fuel, reduces the impact that driving has on the atmosphere, climate change and the Oceans.

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Gaspods Save Money!

Ernie Brooks: "Make A Difference"

World Class Photographer, Aviator, Educator, Successful Businessman and Lover of the Earth, Ernie Brooks encourages everyone to "Make A Difference," by making your vehicle more aerodynamic with GasPods, to save fuel and reduce the impact your driving has on the environment.

Tundra GasPod Installation

Tundra GasPod Installation

GasPod Test Team Member T.S. shows how easy it is to attach GasPods magnetically to your car, SUV or truck. Here, T.S. shows us how to install GasPods on his 2001 Toyota Tundra pickup truck.

Audi A4 GasPod Testimonial

Become a Believer - Save Fuel, Save Money, Save the World

GasPod Test Team Member P.L. from Santa Barbara, California, tells us how easy it is to make your car more aerodynamic, offers a testimony as to how she is saving money on gas, and tells about recording 30.8 mpg on a road trip from San Diego to Santa Barbara, California. Her 1994 Audi A4 is rated by the U.S. EPA at 26 mpg highway driving. That is an extra 4 mpg, representing more than 20% in fuel savings.

Nissan Leaf GasPod Testimonial

Nissan Leaf GasPod Testimonial

GasPod Test Team Member D.W. commutes in his 2012 Nissan Leaf to and from his Santa Barbara home and Los Angeles business, Hollywood Vaults. His goal was to make the trip in his electric vehicle on one charge, with GasPods installed on his Nissan Leaf he made it with 9 miles to spare.